Older News Coverage

5/18/10 Oxford Eagle Article
5/14/10 Marketwire Press Release - Three-Judge Panel Grants Plaintiffs Oral Argument
5/13/10 Plaintiffs file Final Reply Brief
5/13/10 Three-judge panel grants Plaintiffs' request for Oral Argument
4/23/10 U.S. Government files consolidated brief - Opposition to Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment and Reply in Support of Defendants' Motion to Dismiss
2/19/10 Reuters article (Briefs Filed Press Release)
2/19/10 Plaintiffs file two briefs - Reply To Government's Motion and Summary Judgment
12/21/09 U.S. Government files Motion to Dismiss and accompanying Memorandum in Support
12/13/09 Parade Magazine article
11/15/09 Huffington Post article
11/8/09 Boston Globe Op-Ed (Jeff Jacoby)
10/27/09 Christian Science Monitor article
10/7/09 National Review Online article (Jonah Goldberg)
9/29/09 Congressional Quarterly article
9/25/09 Breitbart article (Three-Judge Panel Press Release)
9/21/09 National Journal's CongressDaily article
9/18/09 Appearance on the
Neil Cavuto Show
9/17/09 Daily Mississippian article
9/17/09 Reuters article (Lawsuit Press Release)
9/17/09 World Net Daily article
9/17/09 New York Times article (Peter Baker)
9/17/09 Lawsuit filed in Oxford, Mississippi



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Press Releases

7/9/10 - District Court Panel Upholds Discretion of Congress Despite Massive Voter Inequality (Reuters)
5/14/10 - Three-Judge Panel Grants Oral Argument (Marketwire)
2/19/10 - Plaintiffs' Briefs Filed (Reuters)
9/25/09 - Three-Judge Panel Ordered (Breitbart)
9/17/09 - Lawsuit Filed (Reuters)

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